Explore the radiant universe of renewal at the Multi-Cryo-Performance Center, a stunning melting pot of wellness for body and mind, located in idyllic Mallorca.

We open a completely revolutionary world of relaxation for the wellness and spa aficionados. Our well-designed 60-minute treatment plan, which includes light therapy, oxygen therapy, lymphatic drainage and cryotherapy, leaves your inner self revitalized, soothed and regenerated. Thanks to the perfectly coordinated selection of applications that complement each other perfectly, you will experience a complete rebirth during the treatment sequence.

Tailor-made wellness program

Before you indulge in whispers of wellness, our highly accurate MCRC Vital X provides you with a vivid snapshot of your vital signs. Using live monitoring and capturing various parameters such as heart rate variability, body temperature, pulse, oxygen saturation, blood pressure and stress levels, the intuitive RemediCool software generates an unparalleled customised wellness and beauty health programme. Variations in combinations, application intensities, application durations and repetition rates create a unique wellness experience that is tailored to you. We are always ready to provide you with detailed information about our worldwide unique New Health and Beauty Health programme.

Unique in Mallorca: Medical Wellness for stress reduction

Experience an incomparable novelty in Mallorca: Medical Wellness for stress reduction. Thanks to our Multi-Cryo-Hacking System, it is possible for the first time to combine three effective forms of therapy into a highly effective combination therapy. The symbiosis of light therapy, infrared heat therapy and oxygen therapy promises immediate stress reduction and relaxation of deep muscles. The RemediCool software/app controls not only the light color but also the intensity of the infrared therapy based on vital data and detailed anamnesis.

Wellness and cold chambers

Our electric high-performance cold chamber offers a variety of benefits that lead to relaxation, well-being, revitalisation and good mood. The ideal duration of application is determined individually based on age, weight, height, body composition, stress reactions, sporting activity, sleeping habits and the data from the MCRC Vital X vital data measuring ring. Within a few minutes, the release of the body’s own endorphins is controlled in an optimal way, putting the body into a state of intense relaxation. Another pleasing effect of endorphins is that they effectively reduce stress levels. In addition, endorphins promote restful sleep.

Lymphatic drainage vacuum therapy

The innovative lymphatic drainage system utilizes positive and negative pressure to alternately expand and compress the vessels. This method functions similarly to a pump for our circulatory and lymphatic systems. Enhanced blood circulation significantly boosts the body’s regenerative pace, resulting in a pleasant and light sensation of relaxation and vitality. Moreover, regular vacuum therapy firms the connective tissue and silhouette, while accelerating collagen production, thereby enhancing the skin’s appearance. The application of the Flow System also optimizes real-time personal vital data, facilitated by the RemediCool software.

Wellness application and metabolism cure

A brand new observation has emerged from the RemediCool Research Center in Mallorca, clearly demonstrating that the consecutive application of cryotherapy and vacuum therapy (lymphatic drainage) yields a significantly enhanced effect compared to the standalone use of lymphatic drainage. Noticeable improvements are already noted after several applications, both in terms of overall health and aesthetic beauty. Especially in the treatment of spider veins and varicose veins, visible results have been achieved after only a few combined sessions with cryotherapy. Following just a single repetition of cryotherapy and lymphatic drainage, applied in combination, substantial and visible enhancements in tissue firming (tissue weakness) and reduction of cellulite have been attained. Significant progress becomes evident after a total of 14 sessions. If you have questions regarding lymphatic drainage in Mallorca, combination therapies, or lymphatic drainage in general, the specialized experts of the Coolzoone Mallorca team are always at your service.

Our exceptional concept of wellness and tec-spa is continuously developed by our team of experts under the direction of our specialist in aesthetic medicine and mind-body medicine. If you have any questions about our unique wellness system, we are at your disposal for individual applications.


We await your visit with great anticipation!

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