Das Cryo Nutrition System Mallorca
October 16, 2023

The Cryo Nutrition System Mallorca

The Cryo Nutrition System Mallorca

RemediCool has developed the Cryo Nutrition System, a weight loss application system in conjunction with cryo applications. This involves creating a dynamic nutrition plan that is updated every two days through metabolic analysis. Based on the current metabolism, there is no other method to build an efficient nutrition system.

RemediCool researchers, Dr. Mona Suroglu and students from the Cologne Sports University have developed the Cryo Nutrition System. All clients and patients can then access the dynamic nutrition plans through the RemediCool app, which is available free of charge.

The Cryo Nutrition System Mallorca-The Coolzoone Team Mallorca is always available to answer questions about the cold chamber Mallorca, cryotherapy, combination therapy, metabolic analysis, 3D body scan and MCRC Vital X.

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