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11. October 2023

Cryotherapy Mallorca

Cryotherapy Mallorca Experience real minus temperatures in Mallorca’s strongest cold chambers. In the cabin-like application rooms, the cold chambers for cryotherapy generate temperatures of -110°C. The advantage of the electric […]

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25. September 2023

Coolzoone Mallorca presents: Real anti-aging with hyperbaric oxygen therapy

The eternal search for the fountain of youth, for a remedy against inevitable aging, has fascinated mankind since time immemorial. In this day and age where science and technology are advancing in unprecedented ways, we are proud to introduce a revolution in anti-aging treatments – straight from the depths of medical research.

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9. July 2023

Electrifying Cryo-Training with EMS suits from EasyMotionSkin

Electromuscular stimulation, or EMS training for short, is a groundbreaking method that is gaining popularity in the sports and fitness field. Muscle contractions are stimulated and intensified by electrical impulses transmitted directly to the body by means of special electrodes.

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8. July 2023

Performance optimization through cryo applications

Continuous cryo applications in our high performance cold chambers can achieve remarkable improvements in performance, both athletically and in everyday life. In addition, muscle development is significantly favored by systematic cryo applications.

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