Thanks to Art of Cryo’s breakthrough Multi-CryoHacking system, a unique combination of light therapy, thermotherapy and ionized oxygen can now offer multiple applications to tighten connective tissue and boost collagen production. The Multi-CryoHacking system can be used both before and after cryotherapy or cold treatment, depending on the specific area of application. To achieve firmer skin, strengthened connective tissue and optimal collagen formation, the following application sequence is recommended:

1. Use of the Multi-CryoHacking system

2. Lymphatic drainage according to the innovative way of the Cryo Flow System

3. Application in the advanced high performance cold chamber.

Oxygen therapy is an exceptional and patent-protected form of treatment in which a high amount of negatively charged oxygen ions is supplied to the organism. Given the positive charge of our cells, negative oxygen ions are needed to drive cell division and regeneration. These ions are also present in the conventional atmosphere, but to a more limited extent.

The generous supply of negative oxygen particles reaches every area of the body, reducing the aging processes associated with cell renewal. During an application of several minutes in our Multi-CryoHacking system, our body absorbs a quantity of oxygen ions equivalent to an extended weekend at a spa resort such as the Baltic or North Sea.

Medical studies have also shown that ionized oxygen has a positive effect on allergies and allergic reactions. Currently, intensive research is being conducted by pulmonary specialists and the German Sports University on the combination therapy of ionized oxygen and cryotherapy in this field.

The infrared therapy

For centuries, heat therapy has been successfully used to relax muscles and improve circulation. The use of heat makes the collagenous connective tissue noticeably more supple, while at the same time pain can be relieved. In conjunction with the therapeutic elements of light and oxygen, heat represents another essential component of the Multi-CryoHacking-system, which promotes regeneration and has a relaxing effect. Thanks to the unique long infrared wave heat therapy, acute muscle tension and muscle pain can be relieved and reduced.

The light therapy

In the extraordinary multiCryoHacking-system, there are three different light colors to choose from to perform light therapy:

Red: The red light stimulates the production of collagen in the skin. This not only strengthens the connective tissue, but also improves the healing of scars. In addition, it slows down the natural aging process of the skin and achieves a classic anti-aging effect.

Blue: Light therapy with blue light strengthens the immune system and has a calming effect on the nerves. Due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, it is effectively used to combat acne and skin blemishes.

Green: The green light is used for fatigue and sleep disorders. It can also help relieve asthma, high blood pressure and heart problems through green light light therapy.

Proof of effectiveness

The effects of each therapy are demonstrated using our advanced 3D body scanner and heart rate variability measurement system. The results are then processed in our innovative RemediCool app. If you have any questions or need information about cryotherapy with combined therapies, we are always available.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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