Coolzoone Mallorca - Partner

We are pleased to present a comprehensive selection of Coolzoone Mallorca’s partners. As a customer of the Coolzoone Mallorca you have the exclusive advantage of receiving discounts or free cold treatments or combination therapies when you visit a partner city. All you need to do is identify yourself via the RemediCool app as a Coolzoone Mallorca customer. In this way, you can benefit from cryotherapy in high-performance cold chambers and familiar combination therapy treatments such as lymphatic drainage even when traveling.

Each of our partner locations is equipped with high-performance cryogenic chambers of the brand Art Of Cryo, which reach temperatures from -85°C to -110°C. Thanks to the incorporation of unique combination therapy equipment, these partners function as a multi-Cryo-performance centers and are equipped with the RemediCool Software/App. The staff at the partner centers are professionally trained multi-Cryo-Health specialists and were selected by the global ‘World Cryo Union’ association based in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee.

Cold chamber Essen – Just Cryo
Cold chamber Klagenfurt – Coolzoone
Cold chamber Frankfurt – doctorfrost
Cold chamber Kitzbühel – Cryo Race Center
Cold chamber Zurich – Cryodukt
Cold chamber Montabaur – Cryo Center
Cold chamber Villach – Cryo Center Villach
Cold chamber Düsseldorf – Cryo & Energy Lounge
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