July 7, 2023

Optimal synergies with the SP 4 system at Coolzoone Mallorca

The combined application of the SP 4 system forms an effective method for the treatment of cellular weakness, circulatory disorders, cellulite and connective tissue weakness. SP is an abbreviation for Structural Protein (collagen). The highly efficient combination applications of four application systems improve blood circulation and stimulate collagen synthesis. This provides targeted resistance to cellulite, connective tissue weakness, circulatory problems, water retention and cellular weakness.

Four high-performance application systems in combination

Four Multi-Cryo-Health systems are used as part of the SP 4 system cure. The Multi Cryo-Hacking System is used to heat the cells and provide ionized oxygen. A special red light system helps to tighten the connective tissue. An 8-minute application in the MCS also promotes deep relaxation.

Subsequently, during a 20-minute application on the wave system in the “Fit legs” program, the legs-buttocks area in particular is intensively massaged. By adding heat and massage pressure by means of a special water jet system, increased blood circulation and thus a cell-strengthening effect is achieved. The wave system also creates an indescribable feeling of relaxation. Subsequently, the Flow System enhances the effect within 25 minutes of application time. Through overpressure and underpressure, the smallest vessels can be extremely supplied with blood, the lymphatic vessels can be activated and collagen synthesis can be promoted.

The SP 4 system application is completed with a cryo application in a high performance cold chamber. This stimulates the release of endorphins, dopamines and serotonins and constricts the vessels. The body immediately experiences an extreme increase in performance, feels energized and rounds off the application combination with a distinctly good mood. The vasoconstriction caused by the cryo application is followed by a strong dilation of the vessels, which in turn provides a sustained increase in blood flow to the vessels and cells.


Duration of the SP 4 system cure

Application observations show that the SP 4 system cure achieves the highest efficiency with a repetition of 10 applications within 10 to 15 days. The effect is measured, documented and proven with the 4D body scan. A 4D body scan should therefore be performed at the beginning and at the end of each 10-day SP 4 system cure, which is free of charge. SP 4 System cure application procedure was developed by RemediCool and Dr. Mona Suroglu in collaboration with other medical professionals.

Please note: Changes to SP 4 appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance in order to cancel the appointment free of charge.

For further questions about combination therapies, cryo applications and our Multi-Cryo-Health-System, the dedicated team of Coolzoone Mallorca is always at your disposal.