Die Vorteile von Kältekammer-Anwendungen für Ihre Gesundheit
November 6, 2023

Mallorca’s metabolic cure by means of metabolic analysis

Mallorca’s metabolic cure using metabolic analysis From March 2024, customers can have a metabolic analysis carried out in our Multi-Cryo-Health Performance Center on Mallorca using a respiratory gas measurement.

To perform a breath gas analysis, a patient must sit for five minutes and breathe evenly and calmly into a mouthpiece.

The high-precision respiratory gas measuring device can then use a laser process to examine the molecular composition of the respiratory gas and determine the current metabolism.

With the help of this state-of-the-art measurement technology, you can determine the metabolism of fat, simple calories, carbohydrates and other relevant parameters.

Coolzoone offers a unique metabolic cure on Mallorca

In our cold chamber center, metabolic analysis is used primarily for the application of the Cryo Nutrition System, which is designed to enable an effective and long-lasting metabolic cure. In this “diet support program” specially developed by RemediCool, various nutritional programs and dietary supplements are used over a period of 21 or 28 days in addition to the application in a high-performance cold chamber.

Successful, healthy and lasting weight loss is possible with this approach!

Please contact us directly at any time to find out more about our applications in a high-performance cold chamber, the metabolic analysis, the metabolic cure and the Cryo Nutrition System.

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