New partner, new records: discover Coolzoone Madeira!

Dear customers and friends of Coolzoone Mallorca,

the future of cold applications, biohacking and rejuvenation is here and we are proud to share this exciting journey with you. Imagine entering the world’s largest and most impressive cold chamber, surrounded by futuristic technology previously only found in science fiction. This is not a distant vision of the future, but will soon become reality in Funchal, Madeira.

The Cryo Center Coolzoone Madeira, located in Funchal, enriches our partner portfolio and will be renowned not only for its exceptional cryochamber. The V12 Cryo Factory is more than just impressive in its size. Stretching 12 meters in length and over 4 meters in width, it stands as a truly monumental masterpiece. However, it’s the inner qualities that make it truly special: a continuous system that guides the user through antechambers at -10°C and -60°C before entering the centerpiece – a room where an astonishing -110°C prevails.

Manufactured by Art of Cryo, a German pioneer in cryotechnology, the V12 is not only a technological marvel but also a space that elevates you to your peak performance. Your mindset, your energy level, everything is taken to a new level in the world’s largest cryochamber, which accommodates up to 12 people simultaneously. Yet, this is only the beginning. The fusion of infrared light and cryo in the world’s first BioHacking Tunnel is an experience you shouldn’t miss. Ionized oxygen infrared light revitalizes and renews your skin, while the cryochamber from Coolzoone Madeira, Funchal enhances your physical and mental fitness.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, also known as HBOT, offers another path to rejuvenation. With the potential to reverse the aging process, extend telomeres, and provide a multitude of other benefits, this is an experience you shouldn’t miss. For those seeking immediate results, the Art of Cryo Flow System delivers tightened skin, a sensation of freshness, and much more in just 8 minutes. And with the unique 4D body scan, you can gain detailed insights into your physical condition, including a 3D representation of your body.

At Coolzoone Mallorca we are not only proud to have Coolzoone Madeira, Funchal as our partner, but also to be able to offer you the incredible possibilities of these technologies. It’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good, being more efficient and healthier.

The Coolzoone Madeira cold center in Funchal will open its doors in December 2023. Centrally located in the Gallerias by Savoy Signature in Funchal, it is easily accessible on foot, both from the harbor and the neighboring 5-star hotels. It’s more than just a place – it’s a revolution in the realm of health, wellness, and rejuvenation.

We invite you to visit Coolzoone Madeira, Funchal and experience for yourself how these forward-thinking technologies can change your life. Let us advise you, immerse yourself in an experience you won’t soon forget, and discover a whole new dimension of wellness and health.

Here’s to a colder, healthier and brighter future! Welcome to Coolzoone Madeira.

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