Versatile applications of lymphatic drainage:

– Effective against spider veins, varicose veins and cellular weakness

– Optimal for combating cellulite

– Supports the healing process after surgical procedures

– Accelerates recovery from sports injuries

– Promotes blood circulation in the body

– Reduces water retention in the tissues

– Strengthens connective tissue after only a few treatments

– Shortens the regeneration time of the body

The combination of lymphatic drainage with a cryotherapy application further enhances its efficiency. The interaction of both treatments significantly amplifies the effects of lymphatic drainage. For detailed information about our lymphatic drainage, please feel free to contact us at: +34 664 240 595.

Lymphatic Drainage FAQs

What is the cost of lymphatic drainage?

The price for a lymphatic drainage is only 14.95 euros per session when purchasing a package of 20 sessions. For a single lymphatic drainage session, 29 euros will be charged.


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How long does a lymphatic drainage session last?

A lymphatic drainage session takes a duration of 25 minutes. The application time in the highly effective Lymphatic Drainage Art of Cryo-Flow System can be individually adjusted to the needs of each customer.


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How often should lymphatic drainage be performed?

Typically, the desired success is achieved after 3 to 7 treatments. The number and duration of sessions vary depending on the application area and the individual needs of each customer. We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive personal advice on this topic.


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How long does it take for lymphatic drainage to show its effects?

Depending on the goal and purpose of the treatment, even individual applications of lymphatic drainage within our Flow System can achieve noticeable and visible effects. Thanks to the maximum effectiveness of our lymphatic drainage system, the impact density is exceptionally high.


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Lymphatic drainage to treat leg swelling due to water retention?

Lymphatic drainage proves to be extremely effective in reducing water retention in the legs, after just three sessions. Through the targeted application of positive and negative pressure, lymph circulation is stimulated, leading to a reduction in the occurrence of swelling.


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Lymphatic drainage associated with weight loss?

Using the innovative Flow Systems, automatic lymphatic drainage can be utilized to support weight reduction and stimulate metabolism. For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us by phone: +34 664 240 595.


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Lymphatic drainage Mallorca

Research findings indicate that lymphatic drainage in combination with the Art of Cryo – Flow System and cryotherapy application is significantly more effective. Dr. Ronald Burger and Dr. Mona Suroglu conducted an observational study to examine the effects of lymphatic drainage within the Flow System, coupled with cold therapy application in a state-of-the-art cryo chamber. The focus was on strengthening connective tissue and removing tissue water accumulations.

Over a period of seven consecutive days, cold therapy was administered to the participants, followed by immediate lymphatic drainage using the Art of Cryo – Flow System. A reduction in tissue water accumulations was already demonstrated after three days. After seven days, changes in tissue weakness around the hip, abdomen, and thighs were observed among the participants. In some study participants, a reduction of 3 cm in waist circumference was even noted.

The comprehensive application observations of this combination therapy were supported by students from a sports university and an international institution. To schedule an appointment for lymphatic drainage at the Cryo Performance Center CoolZoone Mallorca, you can reach us by phone at +34 664 240 595, or simply use the RemediCool App.

Lymphatic drainage and cryotherapy – New study

In view of the excellent results obtained during the observational studies of application RemediCool conduct an extensive study in August 2022 to investigate the effect of combined therapy of cryotherapy and lymphatic drainage (vacuum therapy) to strengthen connective tissue. The Coolzoone-team is very excited about the upcoming research project and the exciting collaboration with Dr. Burger and Dr. Suroglu. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Lymphatic drainage and massage Mallorca

Thanks to the unique Art of Cryo – Flow Systems, customers and patients all over Mallorca can receive targeted overpressure and underpressure therapy at our Coolzone Lymphatic Drainage facility. This exclusive and patented form of therapy enables the strengthening of connective tissue and the fading of spider veins. At the heart of the Art of Cryo – Flow Systems, there is radiant skin, a pleasant body sensation, and enhanced vitality. The application has a relaxing and invigorating effect, with a pleasant feeling of lightness immediately setting in after the treatment. For an even more intensive improvement of the skin’s appearance, an optional collagen-producing infrared light treatment can be integrated into the vacuum device, which gives the skin a new shine.

Lymphatic drainage – The key to better health

The device originally developed for space travel, designed for lymphatic drainage and vascular training, effectively supports blood circulation, optimizes the cardiovascular system, and stimulates lymphatic flow. In the weightlessness of space, arterial blood flow is not facilitated by gravity. Through the stimulation of the lymphatic system, the natural removal and elimination of metabolic waste products, acids, and fluid accumulations occur, thus mimicking a classical manual lymphatic drainage. The application only takes 25 minutes and provides immediate well-being. Schedule your lymphatic drainage session today at +34 664 240 595 or conveniently use our contact form.

Faster regeneration with lymphatic drainage Mallorca

Lymphatic drainage significantly enhances the recovery process in sports injuries and muscle soreness, as it stimulates blood flow and supplies cells with increased blood circulation. Fine muscle tears that occur due to intense training sessions benefit from this method by experiencing substantial improvement in blood circulation, resulting in a 40% faster healing rate. Furthermore, due to vessel conditioning, lymphatic massage also accelerates the healing of wounds, scars, and other injuries. For athletes, regular application of lymphatic drainage is highly recommended. The utilization of vacuum techniques in lymphatic drainage is highly advanced, and therapy involving intermittent positive and negative pressure nurtures the body, promoting better body contouring. In the field of medicine, this form of lymphatic drainage is successfully employed to treat lipedema, edema, as well as arterial and venous disorders.

Lymphdrainage – einzigartig in Mallorca mit MCRC Vital X 

The MCRC Vital X, a measurement and diagnostic ring developed by MCRC, will enable a groundbreaking optimization and personalized adjustment of lymphatic drainage applications through real-time monitoring. Utilizing an incredibly precise measurement unit from the Multi-Cryo-Health System, parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate variability, body temperature, pulse, application area, and oxygen saturation can be leveraged to determine application duration, intensity, and repetition. With the assistance of the RemediCool App, a customized lymphatic drainage application plan is created for each customer and patient. Especially in the realm of connective tissue strengthening, the combination of lymphatic drainage in the Art of Cryo Flow System with cryotherapy chamber application achieves an exceptionally effective outcome.

Völlig neues Wellness – Konzept in Mallorca 

Thanks to the use of the advanced MCRC Vital X control in our Art of Cryo Flow System, we have developed a novel wellness program in the field of New Health and Beauty Health applications, which enables effective and optimal lymph drainage and lymphatic massage. Our lymph drainage is an integral part of the innovative next-generation wellness concept, being introduced for the first time in Mallorca.


Proof of effectiveness with the 3D body scanner

Prior to using vacuum therapy for lymphatic drainage, we offer you the option of a complimentary and highly accurate 3D body scan. Within seconds, an accurate virtual representation of your body is created, and precise body measurements are obtained. After approximately 10 sessions, another free scan will be conducted. By comparing the various measurements, we can document and demonstrate the functionality and progress. The 3D body scans can be directly compared to each other, providing precise information about even the slightest changes in the body.

Lymphatic drainage of the future

Starting from August 2023, the groundbreaking Flow System by Art of Cryo will be available to all customers and patients, offering an extremely effective lymphatic drainage. This revolutionary application system, which is patented and globally unique, stands out due to its entirely innovative mechanical structure. The entry and exit will become an unparalleled experience through the utilization of a mobile overpressure and underpressure chamber. This allows convenient and effortless access for all customers and patients. The system for lymphatic drainage, regeneration, and lymphatic massage features an enhanced sealing mechanism for overpressure and underpressure, ensuring that even pressure-sensitive customers will not experience any discomfort during the application. The Flow System by Art of Cryo will be available in various versions, including a Multi-Version that provides a heated chamber for overpressure and underpressure. Another globally distinctive feature is the addition of 93% pure oxygen during the application.

Lymphatic drainage in less than 10 minutes

Thanks to the innovative overpressure and underpressure system as well as the groundbreaking sealing rosette, a rapid establishment of an overpressure and underpressure delta can be achieved. This leads to a significant reduction in the previous application time of approximately 25 minutes. Initial observations of the application show that through the technical redesign of the Art of Cryo Flow Systems, highly efficient and effective application times of 8 to 10 minutes can be achieved. The lymphatic drainage strengthens the connective tissue, improves circulation, and has a positive impact on water retention and cellulite. Once the new Flow System has arrived, we will provide you with comprehensive information.

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