Longevity Mallorca - Coolzoone: Weltweit führend
September 25, 2023

Longevity Mallorca – Coolzoone: World leader

Coolzoone Mallorca has become a global leader in longevity, cryo-systems, biohacking and performance.

The attraction for health-conscious people, high-performance athletes and scientists

Health-conscious people, high-performance athletes, medical professionals and scientists from all over the world find their way to the Coolzoone cold chamber center in Mallorca Through close cooperation with the RemediCool Research Center for Longevity and Cryo systems, as well as the exclusive locations of other Coolzoone Longevity Centers in Klagenfurt, Cologne and Zurich, Coolzoone Mallorca can continue to offer all customers the latest and most effective application systems. Other Coolzoone Longevity Centers are being built in Madeira, Ibiza and Lisbon.

New combination packages for diverse applications

The Coolzoone Mallorca team is currently working on new special offers for combination applications and application systems. Thanks to the RemediCool software, customers will in future be able to use all longevity applications, such as Cryo, HBO, Wellsystem, MCS and Flow System applications, simply and easily. The reduced combination packages will soon be available on site and in the online store.

New Longevity Events from January

From January you can experience new longevity events at Coolzoone Mallorca. Up to 14 people at a time can enjoy a completely new form of the Medical Cryo Race Club enjoy. In 2-3 hours, the latest application systems are combined with several cryo applications. These events offer not only longevity, but also the best mood and an unforgettable experience. You will also gain insight into the latest scientific findings in the field of biohacking and longevity.

Contact the Coolzoone Mallorca Team

The Coolzoone Mallorca team is of course always available to answer any questions you may have about their systems.

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