Ionisierter Sauerstoff in der Kältekammer
September 25, 2023

Ionized oxygen in the cold chamber Mallorca

Ionized oxygen in the cold chamber Mallorca. In the first quarter of 2024, the Coolzoone cold chamber center in Mallorca introduces a breakthrough innovation: the union of cryotherapy and an innovative application of ionized oxygen.

In most indoor and urban environments, the concentration of negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter is usually below the optimal value of 100/cm³. During cold application with our oxygen ion therapy, the air in the cold chamber is enriched to an amazing level of over 1,000,000 ions/cm³. This significant increase in negatively charged oxygen ions leads to immediate relief of fatigue, noticeable increase in performance and concentration, long-lasting purification and detoxification – and all this is enhanced by cold therapy.

In addition to these effects, the application of ions has a remarkable effect on our skin. Negative oxygen ions are often called the “youth vitamin” because they not only help strengthen our positively charged cells, but also revitalize the skin. In the conventional supply, the skin receives oxygen ions only after the heart, organs, connective tissue and brain have already been supplied. For this reason, signs of aging often show first on the skin. Regular spa treatments with increased oxygen intake can significantly reduce these signs.

Ionized oxygen in the cold chamber Mallorca

The entire Coolzoone team is excited about this technical innovation and looks forward to your visit. We invite you to experience the benefits of this unique combination of cold and oxygen therapy and wish you a lot of joy and well-being.

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