Kältekammer Ibiza

Cold Chamber Ibiza – Partner Coolzoone Cold Chamber Center

At the Coolzoone cold chamber center Ibiza, the following Multi Cryo Health systems are available:

  • A 4D body scan
  • MCRC Vital X Vital Data Measuring Rings
  • Metabolic analysis with breath gas analysis
  • Art of Cryo high performance cold chamber
  • Cryo Nutrition System
  • A Multi-CryoHacking System for Light Therapy, Oxygen Therapy and Infrared Heat Therapy.
  • Two Art of Cryo Flow systems for effective and optimized lymphatic drainage and regeneration

The cryo applications in the Coolzoone cold chamber center Ibiza find multiple uses. In the field of New Health, the positive effects of cryo application on blood circulation, metabolism and the nervous system, among others, are used. The release of endorphins during a session in a high-performance cryosauna leads to motivating and pain-relieving effects.

In the beauty sector, the exclusive anti-aging effect of extreme cold is used. Cold therapy tightens the skin and maintains its suppleness. In addition, the application of cold promotes metabolism and cell health. In sports performance optimization, the focus is on the regenerative and performance-enhancing effects of cold application.

The electric cold chamber is an excellent tool for health-conscious people who want to maintain their long-term health and vitality through the body’s natural responses to extreme cold. Art of Cryo’s high quality and high performance cold chambers are known not only for their stability at extreme temperatures, but also for their high quality stainless steel design.

Cryo applications in Art of Cryo high-performance cold chambers are recognized worldwide as the ultimate cold experience. The RemediCool Multi Cryo Health software not only allows individual settings for duration and repetition of cold applications, but also creates customized application plans to optimally achieve personal goals.

Highest standard of training at Coolzoone

A specialized advanced training and education program for RemediCool cryo experts guarantees that both the team of the Coolzoone cold chamber center Ibiza and the team of Coolzoone Mallorca ensure the highest educational standards in cryotherapy and combined applications. Training sessions are held at regular intervals at the different locations.

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