EMS – Training – Cryotraining EasyMotionSkin

Together with renowned scientists, dedicated students, competent medical professionals and the leading manufacturer of high-quality EMS training suits,EasyMotionSkin, the RemediCool research center has designed and developed a groundbreaking Cryo-Training.

High performance cold chambers for EMS-Training

The cryo training was specifically designed to be conducted before, during, or after cryotherapy sessions. The training suits have been designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -85°C to -110°C with ease. One major advantage of training at such temperatures is that athletes do not sweat during the process. In an observational study, participants completed cryo training over a period of 4 weeks, during which significant improvements compared to conventional EMS training were already observed.

Optimal EMS-Training thanks to the RemediCool app

The RemediCool software/app calculates the optimal duration for the Cryo-Training based on age, gender, height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate variability, sleep patterns, and overall fitness. Often, just 4 minutes in a temperature range of -110°C are sufficient to complete an extremely effective training session. During the training, vital signs are monitored in real-time by the MCRC Vital X and transmitted to the RemediCool software/app for analysis.

EasyMotionSkin – The quality manufacturer for EMS-Suits

When developing these unique EMS tracksuits, RemediCool GmbH naturally only considered working with a first-class manufacturer. EasyMotionSkin, headquartered in Austria, is the world leader in the production of EMS-Training suits. For more information on the topics Cryotraining and EMS training our experts in the field of cryotherapy and health are at your personal disposal

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