Cryo Nutrition Metabolic Training

Thanks to the Cryo Nutrition programs now allow you to sustainably lose weight and optimize your metabolism in a short period of time and under professional guidance. This groundbreaking program was developed in cooperation with RemediCool, physicians, scientists and students. Due to the outstanding advantages of the Cold treatments, the multi-Cryo -Health system and the expert knowledge in the fields of nutrition, sports and health, the Cryo Nutrition therapy exhibits extremely effective results. Metabolic therapy leads to a sustainable and reliable increase in metabolic rate.

Metabolism therapy in Mallorca – effective and unique

The Cryo Nutrition Metabolism therapy aims to reduce weight in a convenient manner through a diverse combination of regular lymphatic drainage, cryotherapy applications, light and thermal treatments, as well as combined procedures. Additionally, this unique global weight loss program utilizes respiratory gas analysis to determine the individual metabolic type and provides a customized nutrition plan tailored to the individual metabolic type in the long term.

Our comprehensive metabolism program includes highly precise 3D body scans, enabling accurate progress tracking. Before and after the program, participants can compare their digital 3D avatars to observe visual changes alongside measurements of weight, body fat percentage, lean mass, BMI, lean mass index, waist-hip ratio, waist-height ratio, and basic girth measurements. These scans allow for a precise comparison of body dimensions down to the millimeter. As a result, successes can be documented, visualized, and appropriately celebrated!

Boosting fat burning through multi-cryo health systems

Through the use of the effective and innovative Multi-Cryo-Health Systems in the CoolZoone cold chamber center in Mallorca, the metabolism can be optimally accelerated. The regular use of the powerful cryo chambers by Art of Cryo can lead to a fast and sustainable weight reduction. The cryotherapy applications act as accelerators for fat metabolism and constitute an essential component of the Cryo-Nutrition system. In combination with other multi-cryo health systems, as well as essential elements like an adaptive nutrition plan and tailored holistic support, we are able to ensure a reduction in body weight of up to 7 kg within a period of 20 days.

The Cryo Nutrition metabolism therapy offers a comprehensive range of benefits:

– Detailed advice

– 22x Cryo applications

– Intensive support

– 2x customizable nutrition plan

– 20x Breathing gas measurement by acetone detection

– 2x metabolism analysis with respiratory gas measurement

– MCS application for the reduction of cellulite

– 2x 3D body scan for analysis of body circumferences and body values

– Three applications of the Flow system to effectively combat water retention and cellulite through lymphatic drainage.

Questions and answers about Metabolic Therapy

What is the duration of the Cryo Nutrition therapy?

The CryoNutrition metabolism therapy covers a period of 20 days and can be extended by another 10 days if desired.


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Does one feel hunger during the Cryo Nutrition metabolism therapy?

In short: No. When the body is in a state of fat metabolism, the feeling of hunger is practically impossible.


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How much weight can be lost by using the Cryo Nutrition metabolism therapy?

By using the Cryo Nutrition metabolism therapy, a reduction of up to 7 kg body weight can be achieved within a short period of 20 days.


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How do I experience metabolic training?

Metabolic training gives one high energy levels, improved stamina and a positive mood. During the therapy period, it is especially beneficial to do endurance sports.


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What happens after the completion of the metabolic therapy?

After completion of the metabolism therapy, we prepare the body for the next steps through an additional dynamic nutrition plan to effectively avoid a yo-yo effect.


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Does a yo-yo effect occur after the metabolism therapy?

No, thanks to the consistent adherence to the dietary advice, the yo-yo effect is optimally avoided. In addition, metabolic training reduces the feeling of hunger even after the completion of the therapy and promotes improved eating behavior.


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Guaranteed and long-term success

By adjusting diet and lifestyle through the use of Cryo Nutrition metabolic training, metabolism can be permanently altered. This results in a balanced hormone and microbiome system that assists customers in maintaining their weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle. The comprehensive Cryo Nutrition program aims to bring about positive and sustainable changes in the lives of our clients. The outstanding metabolism training program by Cryo Nutrition, leading to long-term weight loss, was developed at the renowned research center RemediCool under the leadership of Dr. Mona Suroglu in collaboration with students from the German Sport University Cologne.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our place!

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