December 12, 2023

Coolzoone Madeira: Opening of the Longevity Center – Soft Opening

Opening of the Longevity Center – Soft Opening


As December 2023 dawns, a momentous occasion unfolds: the inauguration of the groundbreaking and first-of-its-kind Longevity Cryo Centre, Coolzoone Madeira. This distinguished celebration, marking the soft opening of the centre, is set to occur on the 21st of December, 2023, at R. Imperatriz Dona Amelia 138, 9000-018 Funchal, Madeira. This event heralds the commencement of a pioneering epoch in the realms of cryotherapy, biohacking, and the pursuit of longevity.

This extraordinary hub presents an unparalleled journey, captivating those fascinated by prolonged vitality, individuals of remarkable capabilities, the health-aware, and adventurers seeking novel experiences. Here, cryotherapy transcends into an unprecedented realm of intensity. Embark on an exhilarating adventure, reshape your existence, bask in the distinct aura, and plunge into a realm hitherto unexplored.

To enhance this experience, it’s essential to explore the exclusive Passion8 fruits. Situated right above the Cryo Centre, the Passion8 Bar offers a chance to relish various iterations of passion fruit, showcased in an array of culinary interpretations.

At the unique Longevity Centre Coolzoone Madeira, you have the opportunity to embark on a journey of taste, experience, sensation and discovery like never before. Our friendly and innovative team invites you to experience the nine latest world records right here.


Nine world records at Coolzoone Madeira

The Portuguese dream island of Madeira already had a lot to offer before the opening of the Cryo Centre Coolzoone, including the world records for the most frequent vote for the most beautiful island and the largest fireworks display in the world. These nine world records will be added from December:

  • The largest cold chamber in the world.
  • The only walk-in cold chamber in the world.
  • The most powerful cold chamber in the world.
  • The largest red light therapy chamber in the world.
  • The place with the most intensive air ionization worldwide.
  • The world’s first BioHacking tunnel.
  • The place with the most passion fruit juices and combinations.
  • The largest capacity for people: An entire soccer team can regenerate at the same time.
  • The happiest people 365 days a year.


Coolzoone Madeira is looking forward to the soft opening on 21 December 2023 and cordially invites everyone to celebrate this extraordinary event together.

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