Coolzoone Madeira Opening mit Präsidenten Miguel Albuquerque
January 22, 2024

Coolzoone Madeira: A new jewel of longevity and performance on the dream island

Funchal, 22 January 2024 – In an impressive ceremony marked by the presence of Madeiran President Miguel Albuquerque, Coolzoone Madeira opened its doors and unveiled the latest marvel in the world of Performance, Experience and Longevity. This opening is not only a milestone for the island of Madeira, but also sets new global standards in the world of high-end health and wellness destinations.

Coolzoone Madeira, a magnificent property in the immediate vicinity of the luxurious Hotel Savoy and just a few metres from Cristiano Ronaldo’s house, exudes an aura of exclusivity and pioneering spirit. The presence of the President at the opening emphasises the importance of this project for Madeira – both as a tourist highlight and as an important economic driver.

The centre, which is attracting worldwide attention, is more than just a place – it is an experience. With a total of nine world records in various categories, Coolzoone Madeira stands for an unrivalled combination of cutting-edge technologies and revolutionary therapy methods. Visitors can embark on a transformative journey ranging from cryotherapy to hyperbaric oxygen applications and innovative biohacking methods.

One of the highlights is the V12 Ultra Cryo System, which is recognised as the largest and most powerful cold chamber in the world. It represents the pinnacle of cryo technology and offers an experience that not only refreshes, but also raises well-being to a new level. This is complemented by the hyperbaric oxygen pressure chamber, which is based on the latest research and promises to support the reverse ageing process.

The philosophy of Coolzoone Madeira goes far beyond traditional wellness programmes. It is about a holistic transformation that touches the body, mind and soul. Visitors are invited to transcend their limits and immerse themselves in a world where health, vitality and longevity take centre stage.

With this in mind, Coolzoone Madeira offers not only an oasis for those seeking the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation, but also a laboratory for those looking to optimise their physical and mental performance. With a programme ranging from anti-ageing and pain relief to increased energy and improved mental clarity, Coolzoone Madeira is the ultimate for discerning travellers seeking the extraordinary.

The opening of Coolzoone Madeira marks a turning point in the world of luxury travel and personal optimisation. It is a promise for a future where health, performance and ultimate wellbeing are not only achievable, but can be experienced – in one of the most picturesque and inspiring settings in the world.

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