Cold chamber

We would like to present you our used cold chamber at CoolZoone Mallorca, because there are significant differences in quality, temperature and performance in this area.

Cold chamber V2

❄️ Made in Germany

❄️ Manufacturer: Art Of Cryo


❄️ Medically tested

❄️ Use for all applications

❄️ Ecologically sustainable system

❄️ Security system for maximum privacy

❄️ Guaranteed and stable lowest temperatures

❄️ Provides real and stable temperatures for optimal cold treatment

❄️ Two-room system with anteroom (-60 °C) and main area (-110 °C)

❄️ Integration of the innovative RemediCool software/app for a unique experience

❄️ Energy-efficient, three-stage cascade deep-freeze system

❄️ Control panel by designer Antonio Capristo with 22 inch touch control unit

CoolZoone Mallorca uses only the world’s most powerful, modern and best electric cold chamber for cryotherapy. This way we can guarantee our customers an optimal cold application with real and stable temperatures!

In combination with the RemediCool software/app, we can continue to make cold applications an experience in the future.

You are welcome to visit us in our cold chamber center and experience real cryotherapy.

We are looking forward to your visit.

More information about cold chambers:

A cold chamber, also often referred to as a cryochamber, is an electric cold application system used in an enclosed space for cold applications and cryotherapy. It serves as a therapeutic method in a wide range of applications. Whole-body cryotherapy is performed only in an electric cold chamber, where the entire body is in the cold zone. To achieve optimal and effective cryotherapy, it is recommended to use only high-performance cold chambers that cover a temperature range from -85 to -110 degrees Celsius. Only the use of such equipment can ensure safe and optimal cryotherapy.

The duration of the stay and the repetition of the application are determined for each user individually by the RemediCool-software/app determined. Using information from the medical history sheet and the specific application area of each user, the algorithm of the RemediCool -software the exact application time in seconds individually for each user.

The cold chamber as well as cold applications are used in the fields of health, sports, beauty and well-being, where they have a variety of positive effects on different areas of application.

Extreme temperatures of -110°C prevail in the high-performance electrical cold chambers, accompanied by low humidity.

It is possible to perform cold applications several times a day. The precise sequence of applications is determined by the RemediCool -software is tailor-made for each user, based on a medical history and taking into account the field of application.

There are two different designs of cold chambers. On the one hand, purely electric cold chambers are available, which are used for whole-body cold therapy. Single- to three-chamber models with temperatures from -80°C to -110°C are used. On the other hand, nitrogen-fueled cryosaunas are available. Full body cryotherapy cannot be performed in these cryosaunas because the area of the head and neck cannot be treated.

A whole-body cold chamber is a specialized facility for the application of whole-body cold. It is characterized by the fact that the entire body, including the neck and head area, is positioned in the cold chamber during the treatment. Whole-body cryotherapy involves exposing the entire body to cold simultaneously and evenly. In contrast, cold saunas, where the head and neck area remain outside the scope of application, are not whole-body cold chambers.

The quality of a cold chamber plays a crucial role in the implementation of effective cold therapy. It is essential that guaranteed and authentic sub-zero temperatures of at least -110°C can be reached and that these temperatures remain stable throughout the application period. Furthermore Further these temperatures should be evenly distributed throughout the application area of the cold chamber. Furthermore, the quality of a cold chamber is also essential for the safety of the user. Effective and safe cryotherapy can only be performed in high quality, high performance cold chambers.

To ensure efficient and effective cryotherapy, it is necessary that the temperature in the cold chamber on the body is at least -72°C. Only in this range of extremely low temperatures does the body release specific hormones within a very short time, which positively influence the effect of cryotherapy. Cold therapy at only -60°C proves ineffective. Our institute uses only high-performance cold chambers that maintain constant temperatures throughout the day, guaranteeing effective cryotherapy for every client and patient.

The use of so-called “cold boosters” or fans in cold chambers poses significant health risks to the body. Bei direktem Kontakt zwischen dem Körper und dem Luftstrom kann es zu starken Muskelverspannungen und Erfrierungen kommen. Diese Methode wird von Herstellern von Kältekammern angewendet, um technische Schwächen in der Kältetechnologie auszugleichen. The airflow artificially simulates lower temperatures in case the cold chamber is not able to reach the required -72°C directly on the body. We use only high-performance refrigeration chambers, which, thanks to state-of-the-art refrigeration technology from Germany, can reach the required temperatures without additional aids and keep them constant throughout the day.

To perform effective cold therapy, actual sub-zero temperatures of at least -72°C are required throughout the application period. In general, cryotherapy applications are performed at temperatures of -85°C for all application areas. A temperature of -110°C is used in medical facilities such as clinics, hospitals and spas for cold therapy applications.

The history of the development of the cold chamber

More than 30 years ago, the development of the cold chamber as a therapeutic procedure began. As early as the 1970s, the first experiments on whole-body cold exposure were conducted in Japan, the USA and Russia. Tanks containing nitrogen were used, with a temperature range of between approximately -60°C and -65°C. The actual temperatures that prevailed on the body were not consistently and scientifically accurately verified and documented in the application protocols. Currently, the RemediCool Research Center, in collaboration with students from a sports university and a team of scientific and medical experts, is conducting extensive application observations and tests to document the effectiveness of cold chamber applications at real and constant minus temperatures.

Cold chamber – different systems

Authentic whole body cold therapy requires the use of an electrically powered cold chamber. In such a cold chamber, the entire body is treated, including the head and shoulders. This is not possible with nitrogen refrigeration chambers, as the head must not be in the area of the incoming nitrogen. In order to ensure optimal and effective cold therapy, it is crucial that the cold chamber is equipped with powerful units that can ensure a stable and lowest temperature even after numerous applications. Coolzoone uses Art of Cryo cold chambers for this purpose. These high performance cold chambers, manufactured by Art of Cryo, guarantee an authentic and uniform cryogenic temperature from -85°C to -110°C in any cold application. These cold chamber models are among the most exclusive and powerful in the world.

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