Official Partner : Coolzoone Zurich

The largest cold chamber center in Switzerland is now called Cool zoone!

The Coolzoonein Zurich has taken this important step in close collaboration with the research facility Coolzoone Mallorca successfully completed. So CoolZoone now with the RemediCoolteam, it is able to offer all health-conscious people and BioHackers the most advanced and highest quality multiCryo-health applications. This partnership ensures that Coolzoone Zurich always about the latest knowledge in the fields of new health, beauty, health and athletic performance, as well as the state-of-the-art Multi Cryo Health System.

Coolzoone Partnership

Coolzoone Mallorca customers have the unique opportunity to try all applications at once for free at our premier partner center Coolzoone Zurich for Multi Cryo Health Applications. As a customer of the Coolzoone Mallorca you will receive a free application for all applications and measurements on the recommendation of the RemediCool app.

Applications include:

-1x 3D body scan with analysis and digital avatar

-1x Application in MCS with light, ionized and thermal oxygen.

-1x Revitalizing session in the high-performance cold chamber Vaultz V3, a shining masterpiece of refrigeration technology by Art of Cryo

-1x application of the Flow System / Lymphatic Drainage, supported by the unique and efficient overpressure and underpressure system of Art of Cryo.

Coolzoone - the priority cryo center in Switzerland

Als das dominante und avantgardistische Kältekammer- und Leistungszentrum der Schweiz präsentiert sich Coolzoone Zürich in einer Liga für sich. In einer harmonischen Zusammenarbeit mit Art of Cryo stellt Coolzoone ein erlesenes und erstklassiges Kryo-Erlebnis zur Verfügung, dank innovativer, leistungsstarker Kryokammern, die in der Lage sind, eine standhafte Temperatur von -110 °C zu gewährleisten.  

Coolzoone, das Epizentrum für Kryotherapie und Leistungsoptimierung, ist eine leuchtende Bereicherung für Zürich, indem es ein einzigartiges Repertoire für alle Anhänger der Kryotherapie und Kältekammer-Technologie offeriert. Unter dem motivierenden Motto „Das Streben nach Überlegenheit“ hat es sich Coolzoone zur Aufgabe gemacht, jedem Kunden und Patienten in der Metropolregion Zürich dabei zu assistieren, sein verborgenes Leistungspotential zu mobilisieren. Die phänomenale Wirkung der Kryotherapie auf Körper und Geist wirkt als ein dynamischer Katalysator für Höchstleistungen. 

Cold chamber Vaultz V3 Art of Cryo

The cold chamber and performance center Coolzoone in Zurich proudly presents the currently most impressive cold chamber model by Art of Cryothe Vaultz V3. This showpiece allows every visitor and patient in Zurich to experience the real and constant cold of -110°C up close. The key to this intense cold experience is the use of multiple, sequential chambers. A gentle and gradual transition to lower temperatures is made possible by two pre-chambers, the first tempered to -10°C and the second to -60°C. The main chamber then prepares the decisive Cold bath at authentic and unchanged -110°C. The exclusive Vaultz V3 in Zurich also impresses with noble design elements made of stainless steel, designed by Antonio Capristo.


Combination treatment with the Art of Cryo Flow System


With the brand new Art of Cryo Flow System succeeds in automatic lymphatic drainage through positive and negative pressure thanks to advanced technology. In combination with cryotherapy proves to be the Vacu flow as particularly effective. Studies have shown that the effectiveness increases enormously if a cryotherapy application has taken place before the lymphatic drainage. Flow System lymphatic drainage tightens connective tissue, refines skin texture, minimizes water retention and helps the body eliminate metabolic waste products. Stimulation of blood circulation significantly accelerates regeneration.

Light therapy and oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy with negatively charged oxygen ions promotes particularly efficient cell renewal. Our positively charged cells need these negatively charged oxygen ions for successful and sustainable regeneration. Combined with gentle light therapy, CoolZoone visitors and patients can experience the outstanding anti-aging benefits of negatively charged oxygen and tri-color light therapy.

Red light in light therapy boosts collagen production in the skin.

Green light in light therapy reduces stress and strengthens the immune system.

Blue light in light therapy has a supportive effect against skin blemishes due to its antiseptic properties.

Real-time monitoring of vital functions

The unique MCRC Vital X ushers in a new era of personalized applications. With the highly accurate MCRC Vital X measuring ring integrated into the RemediCool cold chamber software, all applications can now be adjusted in real time to vital signs such as pulse, blood pressure, stress level, heart rate variability and blood oxygen saturation. This real-time monitoring allows application times to be tailored more precisely to each individual customer, making cryotherapy applications even more effective and productive.

We wish all customers of the Coolzoone Mallorca a lot of fun discovering the cold chamber and performance center Coolzoone in Zurich.

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