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The magnificent inauguration of the Cryo Center Villach is scheduled for June 16, 2023.

The revolutionary cold chamber center Cryo Center Villach forms a symbiosis with the Multi Cryo Health Performance Coolzoone Mallorca. All clients of Coolzoone Mallorca have the opportunity to receive free treatment in the areas of cryotherapy or lymphatic drainage at the local Cryo Center by presenting the free RemediCool App during a stay in Villach. All clients and patients of the Cryo Center in Villach will be able to benefit equally from this alliance in the future. With the help of the RemediCool app, they have access to various applications that can be performed in the high-performance cooling chambers, in the flow system, in the MCS, in the hyperbaric oxygen therapy pressure chamber, in our wave system or through a 3D body scan. In addition, the Cryo Nutrition System, which enables metabolic training and a metabolic cure, will be available to all clients, athletes and patients in Villach from mid-2023. It offers a sustainable and health-conscious method for weight loss.

Cryotherapy in Villach

For authentic cryotherapy, the Cryo Center in Villach uses without exception high-performance cold chambers from Art of Cryo, which work with stable minus temperatures. Art of Cryo is the leading global producer of cold chambers in New Health, Beauty Health and Sport Performance. The cold chamber model V1 Lux ensures stable and authentic sub-zero temperatures even after numerous applications thanks to the most powerful refrigeration unit in the world. Due to the special design, even patients with claustrophobia can fully enjoy the cold therapy.

Thanks to its unique design and spacious layout, the advanced cold chamber of the future also offers the opportunity to perform movement and rotation exercises after surgical procedures under the guidance of physiotherapists. In 2023, Art of Cryo will add ionization units and breathing rate support systems to the cold chamber systems to optimize indoor air quality.

RemediCool Cryo System Software - a unique product in Villach

The Cryo Center in Villach relies on the latest technology for all its multi-Cryo-Health systems the state-of-the-art Cryo-software RemediCool to ensure optimal and efficient application of cryotherapy, lymphatic drainage and combined therapies. Thereby becomes every cold therapy and lymphatic massage into an impressive and effective experience. With the help of the RemediCool-software and the corresponding free RemediCool-app, all measurements and posture analyses of the extremely precise 3D body scan can be documented and visualized.

Proof of effect of cryotherapy

By using the highly accurate 3D body scan, an accurate scan of the body with precise posture analysis can be created in a matter of moments. With the MCRC Vital X and the interface to the RemediCool Cryo software, real-time monitoring of blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate variability, heart rate and oxygen saturation can be acquired and recorded before, during and after a cold therapy application. With these innovative and visionary measurement systems, the effect of cryotherapy and lymphatic drainage can be verified in all patients from Villach.

Cryotherapy training

The entire team of the Cryo Center Villach has outstanding qualifications in the field of cryotherapy and cryotherapy that meet international standards. Thanks to a close cooperation with the RemediCool research center in Mallorca, we are able to guarantee an extensive range of advanced training and continuing education programs in the future as well.

For further questions and information please contact the dedicated team of the Coolzoone Mallorca or the Cryo Center in Villach are at your disposal.

The team of the Cryo Center in Villach welcomes you with anticipation!

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