Cryo Center Montabaur Coolzoone Partner

The Cryo Center Montabaur positions itself as a loyal cold chamber partner of the Coolzoone Mallorca.

Thanks to this alliance attract customers of the Coolzoone Mallorca considerable advantages. By submitting the RemediCool app, they can enjoy an application at Rhineland-Palatinate’s most innovative multi-cryo health center, the Cryo Center Montabaur. The support of the Coolzoone Mallorca, with its expertise, market knowledge and training, enriches the offer of Montabaur. This close and intensive cooperation will enable innovative cryogenic products and applications to be designed and realized in the future.

Multi - Cryo - Health - Systems also in Montabaur

The high-tech features of the Cryo Center Montabaur are reflected in the advanced multi-Cryo-Health systems, which are supplied by the RemediCool Cryo System software can be controlled. This allows customers, patients, and health enthusiasts to be treated in both multi-Cryo-Health Centers to use the application systems they are accustomed to.

Cryo Training - EMS in the cold chamber in Montabaur

The facility also houses the novel Cryo-Training System, designed for efficient performance enhancement and muscle building. The innovative system, developed by RemediCool in Mallorca and equipped with resistance suits from EasyMotionskin from Seefeld, guarantees effective training. Especially for this Cryo Training developed EMS suits of the world leader in the EMS training system complete the offer. The Cryo Training is conducted in high-performance cold chambers at extreme temperatures of -85°C and -110°C, which promises a completely new training experience. The Cryo Center team is available to answer all your questions about Cryo Training and EMS!

Two high-performance cold chambers for Montabaur

Naturally, the Cryo Center Montabaur on the high-quality cold chambers. The most expensive and exclusive cold chamber models promise real cryotherapy at constant and truly icy temperatures to all health-conscious people and customers. Only the use of a high-performance cold chamber can ensure effective cryotherapy.

Employee exchange for quality assurance

A specially developed staff exchange program between the centers ensures continuous improvement of staff qualifications in the field of cryotherapy. Continuing education and training programs will continue to ensure the highest standard of training in the field of Cryo -applications guaranteed.

Future-oriented partnership

The close cooperation of the different cold chamber centers allows a fast implementation of different application observations and developments in cryo and combination applications. Thus, together with the RemediCool research center in Mallorca, the most innovative and latest Multi-Cryo-Health systems with the most advanced application possibilities can be provided.

If you have any further questions regarding our partnership with the Cryo Center in Montabaur, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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