Cold chamber Klagenfurt - Partner Coolzoone Klagenfurt

The clientele of the Coolzoone Mallorca and the Coolzoone Klagenfurt am Wörthersee in Austria can now reap the benefits of the close alliance between these two cold chamber centers. A simple presentation of the RemediCool App with the Coolzoonelogo at the Coolzoone Mallorca or the Klagenfurt cold chamber grants all clients a free session in the respective partner cold chamber.

The cold chamber center Coolzoone Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

Coolzoone Klagenfurt präsentiert ein breites Spektrum an Dienstleistungen, die über die herkömmliche Kryotherapie hinausgehen. Als ein führendes Kältekammer- und Multi-Cryo-Performance-Zentrum ermöglicht es nicht nur die Kryotherapie in den hochentwickelten Kältekammern Vaultz V1 LUX von Art of Cryo, sondern auch die Anwendung von kombinierten Therapieverfahren wie dem Art of Cryo Vacu Flow und dem Multi-CryHacking-System. Zusätzlich bietet Coolzoone Klagenfurt einen präzisen 3D-Körperscan an, der eine exklusive Verbindung zur RemediCool Software und App herstellt. 

Cryotherapy combination applications

Coolzoone Klagenfurt offers as a Multi-Cryo-Performance center offering highly effective and advanced Multi-Cryo-Health systems to enable optimal combination therapies in conjunction with cold therapy. With the help of the innovative RemediCool software/app and the MCRC Vital X, not only are individual application times and frequencies in the cold chamber determined for each client, but detailed treatment plans are also created to make the best possible use of the combination therapies. Among the treatments offered are lymphatic drainage and vacuum therapy, which are based on two Vacu Flow devices can be performed. In addition, the multi-CryoHacking-system is available, which enables light and oxygen therapy. Furthermore an advanced 3D body scan is used to record and clearly display the results of the therapy.


Exclusive MCRC location Klagenfurt

The Coolzoone Klagenfurt cryo chamber center is not only the official partner of our cryo chamber in Mallorca, but also an exclusive location of the Medical Cryo Race Club. Serving as the backdrop for various Medical Cryo Race and Multi-Cryo Race formats, Coolzoone Klagenfurt provides the perfect stage for unique and unforgettable MCRC events. The Medical Cryo Race Club selects its locations based on the strictest criteria. These include the high-performance cryo chambers from Art of Cryo, the Multi-Cryo Health Systems for combination therapy applications, the MCRC Vital X, qualified and certified MCR instructors, and the exclusive location of the cryo chamber center. Participation in an MCR event in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee is exclusively available to members of the Medical Cryo Race Club starting in the fall of 2022.


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