Cold chamber Essen - Partner Just Cryo

The frosty brilliance of the Coolzoone Mallorca combines seamlessly with the visionary cold chamber center Just Cryo in Essen, Rüttenscheid. Through the powerful connection between the cryo experts in Mallorca and Essen with the research-strong RemediCool can now offer all cold chamber enthusiasts unique, breakthrough applications from the state-of-the-art Multi Cryo Health systems. In addition to the forward-looking alliance, the customers and patients of the cold chamber center Just Cryo has an additional advantage: by showing the RemediCoolApp, they can enjoy a free application at the Coolzoone Mallorca . Whether the multi-Cryo-Hacking System, the Flow System, the Well System or a classic session in the high-performance cold chamber of Art of Cryo, the choice is rich.

Just Cryo in Essen expands its frosty repertoire

In March, the frosty ambiance of Just Cryo in Essen will be further intensified by the addition of the second high-performance cryochamber, V1 Lux, from Art Of Cryo . This globally leading cryotherapy chamber model guarantees an optimal, powerful cold therapy even at the end of a long day of operation. By using this top-notch and high-quality cryotherapy chamber system, Just Cryo can ensure authentic cryotherapy applications.

Physiotherapy and cold chamber at Just Cryo, Essen

Just Cryo houses not only cold chambers but also features an integrated physiotherapy practice with experienced physiotherapists. By merging cold chamber applications with classical physiotherapy, treatment successes can be accelerated and healing processes intensified. The spacious design of the cold chamber’s interior also provides enough room for mobility exercises to improve mobility and recovery after surgical procedures.

Excellence for our customers and patients

The collaboration between Just Cryo in Essen Coolzoone Mallorca also reflects the company philosophy of “Only the best for our customers and patients. Both institutions exclusively utilize the highest quality, most powerful, and most exclusive application systems for their customers and patients. For this reason, there are no cryolipolysis applications at the cold chamber center. In selecting the cooling chambers, both facilities leveraged actual sub-zero temperatures from Art of Cryo’s 30-year experience.. Even after choosing a lymph drainage system, no cost savings were achieved. This is where the Flow System comes into play to enable effective lymph drainage.

Exchange of experience, education and training

Through the partnership between Essen and Mallorca, and the collaboration with the research institution RemediCool, numerous other cold chamber operators from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and around the world have come together for the purpose of exchanging experiences, training, and further education. This research collaboration, which has already carried out 2.7 million cryoapplications, holds the largest collection of application observations and evaluations in the field of cold therapy and cryotherapy.

3D scanner for measuring the cryotherapy effect

Both cryotherapy centers use a very precise 3D body scanner to verify the effectiveness of the treatment. It is controlled by RemediCool . Thanks to the highly precise scanning system, a millimeter-accurate avatar of the body is created in less than 40 seconds. Direct transmission of the resulting posture analysis to the physiotherapists is possible. In the free RemediCoolapp, all progress can be displayed and documented based on highly precise body region measurements. Through the utilization of the MCRC Vital X, all customer vital functions can be monitored in real time at the cryo centers and evaluated and displayed in the RemediCool Cryo System app. All clients and patients can measure their own blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and body temperature before, during, and after treatment with the MCRC Vital X. All customers can use the MCRC Vital X service free of charge.

EMS Training Essen – Cryo Training

The EMS Training Revolution will be available at Just Cryo cold chamber center starting in May. In collaboration with the industry leader in the development of wireless EMS training apparel, EasyMotionSkin, a completely new approach to EMS training has been created with Cryo Training. Here, only 3 to 5 minutes are sufficient for a rapid increase in muscle growth and performance. Cryo Training is conducted directly in the freezer. Overheating of the body and sneezing are prevented by the freezing effect of deep temperatures. The quality manufacturer of EMS training equipment has developed an entirely new EMS system specifically for this training method. The EMS systems can be used not only in the freezer but also for all other types of home training, such as cardio and muscle building.

The joint partnership will provide all customers and patients with additional state-of-the-art and globally unique application systems in Mallorca and Essen.

If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Just Cryo team and the Coolzoone Mallorca team.

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