Cold Chamber Düsseldorf – Partner Cryo- & Energy Lounge

In July 2023, Düsseldorf will welcome a new kind of wellness oasis: the Cryo– & Energy-Lounge. As an ally of the Coolzoone Mallorca presents this groundbreaking cold chamber and multi-cryo-Performance Center provides its visitors with an unprecedented service. Through this close partnership, the customers of the Coolzoone Mallorca can in der Cryo– & Energy-Lounge eine kostenfreie Anwendung in Anspruch nehmen, indem sie einfach dieRemediCool Show app. From July 2023, visitors from Düsseldorf will also be able to explore and try out the pioneering work and innovative systems at our research center in Mallorca using the RemediCool app.

Real cryotherapy - a novelty in Düsseldorf

The Cryo- & Energy Lounge in Düsseldorf relies for its cryotherapy and cold therapy treatments on the first-class cold chambers from Art of Cryo. Their decision to acquire the world’s most exclusive cold chambers in the elegant Capristo design enables the Düsseldorf Cold Chamber Center to ensure constant minus temperatures for effective and optimal cryotherapy. For all other application systems of the Multi-Cryo-Health systems, the company focuses on the highest quality.

RemediCool Cryo System Software in Dusseldorf

For the first time RemediCool a license to a facility in Düsseldorf for the Cryo System software on. Customers and patients from Dusseldorf have the opportunity to experience before, during and after an authentic cryotherapy or an application of the Multi-Cryo-Health system to capture all of their vital information and use the free RemediCool App to analyze and document it. In addition to the vital data, the RemediCool app also displays measurement results and posture evaluations of the precise 3D body scan. The Cryo System software also manages all measurement data from the breath analysis for the world’s only Cryo Nutrition System for metabolic training and cures. This enables precise, sustainable and healthy weight loss.

EMS Dusseldorf Cryo Training

A worldwide premiere awaits you in the Cryo & Energy Lounge in the area of the latest generation EMS training. Cryo Training is the EMS training of the future. Due to the innovative design of the EasyMotion Skin EMS suits was developed in the renowned research center RemediCool in Mallorca has developed a revolutionary way of training. In this training, 3-4-minute workouts are performed in the cold chamber at temperatures of -85°C as continuous resistance training. The Cryo Training enables rapid muscle growth and an extraordinary increase in performance.

Multi Cryo Health Systems in Dusseldorf

In addition to the high-performance cold chambers from Art of Cryo, the RemediCool software and the EMS Cryo training system from Easy Motion, the Cryo & Energy Lounge presents further groundbreaking innovations:

– Art of Cryo Flow system for optimal and efficient lymphatic drainage

– Multi Cryo Hacking System 

– Respiratory gas analysis system

– Medical Thermo Diagnostic System 

– 3D-Bodyscan 

– Cryo Nutrition System – Metabolic training/

MCRC Vital X Vital data measuring ring

For more information about the Cryo & Energy Lounge in Düsseldorf, the Multi Cryo Health Systems and the RemediCool Cryo Software, please contact our team at Coolzoone Mallorca. We look forward to hearing from you by phone, email or during a visit to our research centre in Mallorca!

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