Cold Chamber Cologne – Partner Coolzoone Cold Chamber Center

Coolzoone Cold Chamber Center Cologne acts as an official ally of the Multi Cryo Performance Center Coolzoone Mallorca.

The alliance and close cooperation with the Cold Chamber and Performance Center in Cologne allows Coolzoone Mallorca to provide its clients and patients with a cooperation program in Cologne. Coolzoone Cologne is constantly on the hunt for additional combination possibilities and regularly puts resources into the most advanced application, measurement and diagnostic systems.

By presenting the Coolzoone Mallorca RemediCool app, you can get a free service of your choice at the modern Cologne Cryotherapy Center in Herthastr. 4 in Cologne Zollstock claim. In the Coolzoone cold chamber and performance center, the following Multi Cryo Health systems are available for you:

  • A 3D body detection system
  • An extremely precise thermal scan
  • MCRC Vital X Vital data measuring rings
  • Metabolic analysis with respiratory gas measurements
  • Two Art of Cryo high performance cold chambers – V1 Lux and V1
  • Cryo Nutrition System for optimising the cold chamber Treatment
  • A Multi-Cryo-Hacking System for Light Therapy, Oxygen Therapy and Infrared Heat Therapy
  • Two Art of Cryo Flow systems for effective and optimised lymphatic drainage, lymphatic massage and regeneration

High performance cold chambers from Art of Cryo

Cryo applications at Coolzoone in Art of Cryo’s two high-performance cold chambers are widely used in a variety of applications. In the New Health sector, the positive aspects of cryotherapy on health, blood circulation, metabolism and nervous system are used. The release of endorphins during a session in a high-performance cooling cell leads to a motivating and pain-relieving effect.

In the Beauty Health sector, the exclusive anti-aging effect of the lowest temperatures is applied. The skin becomes firmer and more supple due to cold therapy, and cell health is preserved by increasing metabolism. In the context of performance improvement, the focus is particularly on the regenerative and performance-enhancing effects of cold application.

Cryo is an excellent tool for health-oriented and vital individuals who want to maintain their long-term health and vitality through the body’s natural responses to the lowest temperatures. Unique in quality and performance, Art of Cryo’s top-performing cold rooms not only stand out as market leaders in the stability of their lowest temperatures thanks to decades of experience, but also impress with their high-quality and sophisticated stainless steel design.

Cryo applications in Art of Cryo high performance cold chambers are recognized worldwide as the ultimate cold experience. The RemediCool Multi Cryo Health software not only regulates the duration and repetition of cold applications individually for each client, but also creates an application schedule so that each client and patient can optimally achieve their personal application goals.

Highly efficient lymphatic drainage thanks to positive and negative pressure waves

The use of the Flow System is already a highly appreciated and recognized method in the field of medicine and wellness. If this lymphatic drainage is combined with cryotherapy, the positive effects of both procedures are enormously potentiated, since the constriction of the vessels makes the pumping action of the pressure and negative pressure waves even more effective, thereby supplying the body even more intensively with endorphin-rich blood.

The use of the Flow System results in accelerated healing of injuries, muscle strains and inflammations. In addition, there is a tightening of the skin and connective tissue, as well as a modern shaping of the figure. The vessels are strengthened and blood circulation is massively promoted. Due to the simultaneous lymphatic drainage, the body can more easily eliminate water retention and excess acids and metabolic waste. The use of the flow system promotes the natural processes of the body and, similar to the treatment in the cold chamber, ensures a vital and healthy organism. This method is controlled by the RemediCool Multi Cryo Health software.

The Multi-CryoHacking System

In contrast to the treatment with extreme cold, the following was used for Coolzoone Cologne the design of the Multi-CryoHacking-system was created. This incomparable system combines three effective forms of treatment at once: infrared heat treatment, oxygen treatment and light treatment. Infrared heat treatment heats and loosens the deep-lying muscles. Oxygen treatment ensures increased absorption of negatively charged oxygen ions, which are essential for cell division and cell renewal. Increased uptake of negatively charged oxygen ions results in visibly better nourished cells and a soothing body sensation. Color therapy in shades of blue, green and red, depending on the goal of treatment, promotes each client and patient individually either antiseptic improvement of skin appearance, relaxation and invigoration of the mind or collagen formation in the skin. This application is designed by the incomparable RemediCool Multi Cryo Health Software.

Measuring and diagnostic systems

In terms of measurement and diagnostic tools offers Coolzoone in Cologne offers customers and patients a wide range of examinations. The 3D body scan enables the documentation minimum Improvements in the areas of weight loss, body sculpting or muscle development, as this examination creates an extremely accurate, digital representation of the body. Complementary body data and millimeter-precise body circumferences are recorded and presented, and a posture assessment is performed. About the RemediCool app, customers and patients can view their measurement results at any time. Metabolic analysis makes it possible not only to draw conclusions about the individually different metabolic type through respiratory gas examinations, but also to create individually adapted nutrition and training programs.

The MCRC Vital X vital signs measuring ring records and monitors vital signs before, during and after use in the cold chamber. In addition to pulse, temperature, and heart rate, the RemediCool App via the ring also heart rate variability. Heart rate variability refers to the time interval between heartbeats and provides information about the health status of the client or patient. The MCRC Vital X can be used to detect and record the unique effect of cryo on the cardiovascular system. Inflammation can be caused by Imbalances in body temperature are identified by thermoscan, and the exceptional effect of cryotherapy is highlighted.

Highest standard of training at Coolzoone

A tailor-made training and education programme for RemediCool cryotherapy experts enables the teams of the Coolzoone cold chamber centre in Cologne as well as the team of Coolzoone Mallorca to continue to ensure the top education standards in cryotherapy and combined applications.

The staff of the cold chamber locations participate in training activities and customer service improvements at regular intervals, alternating between the different cold chamber locations.

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