Cold chamber Aschaffenburg - Partner Cool Down

As official partner of the Coolzoone Mallorca the Cool Down Aschaffenburg – a renowned cold chamber and beauty health center – welcomes all clients of both establishments to enjoy the benefits of this close partnership and the associated authentic cryotherapy in Mallorca and Aschaffenburg.

The cold chamber center Cool Down in Aschaffenburg

As a specialist in cold chamber and beauty health procedures, Cool Down Aschaffenburg has a high-performance cold chamber, the Vaultz V1 LUX from Art of Cryo. In addition, the center offers the ultra-precise 3D body scan that interacts seamlessly with the RemediCool app, as well as the MCRC Vital X to monitor vital signs in real time. Cool Down’s staff consists exclusively of well-trained, specialized and certified cryo-instructors. Customers of Cool Down Aschaffenburg and Coolzoone Mallorca receive a free cold application at any partner cold room center by using the logged-in RemediCool Show app.

High performance cold chamber V1 LUX -85°C

Cool Down enables in Aschaffenburg an authentic cryotherapy with the impressive Vaultz V1 LUX high-performance cold chamber from Art of Cryo. Stable temperatures of -85°C are maintained throughout the application. With the optimal application time calculated by the RemediCool software, all customers benefit from a safe and effective treatment in the cold chamber. The Aschaffenburg cold chamber is designed for all New Health and Beauty-Health cryotherapy applications and is equipped with the most technologically advanced innovations.


MCRC Vital X - real-time monitoring

In the future, Cool Down Aschaffenburg will provide the MCRC Vital X to all cryotherapy chamber customers and patients for real-time monitoring of vital signs. This exclusive measurement system captures vital data during the initial assessment as well as before, during, and after the cryotherapy session. It enables the accurate measurement and analysis of crucial indicators such as heart rate variability, pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen saturation, and stress level. The MCRC Vital X, in conjunction with RemediCool’s newly developed algorithm for evaluating the assessment and vital data, allows for an even more precise calculation of the treatment duration and scheduling of follow-up sessions. All customers of a cryotherapy center equipped with RemediCool software can use the MCRC Vital X free of charge during their time at the center.


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