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Our high-performance cold chamber Vaultz V2 by Art of Cryo with two separate chambers accommodates up to 6 people and intensively promotes regeneration at -110 degrees, especially after demanding training sessions. The generous capacity enables cryo applications for entire teams in minutes. As the world’s most powerful cold chamber, the Vaultz V2 offers an exceptional blend of benefits for Sports Performance, Well-Aging, New Health and Beauty Health. A visit to this exclusive cold chamber always promises an unforgettable experience.

Health, Performance, Regeneration - Discover the Multi Cryo-Health System at Coolzoone Mallorca

Experience the most advanced therapies of Cryotherapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage and more at Coolzoone Mallorca – the ultimate place for health, performance and regeneration.


3D body scan

Precise body analysis with our 3D body scan. Our cold chamber users have the opportunity to use our unique, innovative and high-resolution 3D body scan free of charge, which is offered in combination with cryo or lymphatic drainage treatments. Within less than a minute, an accurate and detailed 3D avatar of their body is created. By providing exact measurements, the results of the cold treatments and vacuum therapy can be proven to the millimeter.

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Hyperbaric oxygen

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy usually lasts 90 minutes and is performed in a pressure chamber where there is a pressure of 1.4 bar and an addition of 92.5% pure oxygen. This application is aimed at a wide range of applications.

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Lymphatic drainage

Originally developed for space travel, the device for lymphatic drainage and promotion of vascular training effectively supports blood circulation, optimizes the cardiovascular system and stimulates lymph flow. In the weightlessness of space, arterial blood flow is not favored by gravity. By stimulating the lymphatic system, the removal and elimination of metabolic waste products, acids and fluid retention occurs naturally, imitating a classic manual lymphatic drainage. The application takes only 25 minutes and provides immediate well-being.

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Multi-Cryo Hacking System

The innovative Multi-Cryo-Hacking System (MCS) by Art of Cryo and RemediCool combines deep heat, oxygen, light and aromatherapy in one unique application. A typical application in the Multi-Cryo-Hacking System lasts 8 minutes and can be performed while standing or sitting. In the privacy of the Multi-Cryo-Hacking system there is a possibility to take off your clothes. You can independently select and perform the desired application program.

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As an athlete, especially a passionate cyclist, discover the powerful combination of massage and other forms of therapy at Coolzoone Mallorca. By combining the revitalizing wave system massage with our other innovative treatments, you will experience maximum relaxation, holistic regeneration and targeted support for your athletic performance. Book your appointment today and benefit from the versatile advantages of our therapy combinations.

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Price list - Power packages for your well-being!

Discover unbeatable offers for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, wellness and health-conscious and get that extra kick for your performance at Coolzoone Mallorca!

Cryotherapy -110 degrees cold chamber

    Introductory offer Cryo (2 applications)69 €

    Single Session Single Application39 €

    (Package of) 5 Sessions159 €

    (Package of) 10 Sessions299 €

    (Package of) 20 Sessions499 €

    (monthly) Unlimited Membership (minimum 3 months)549 €

Combination applications

    Lymphatic drainage single session single application39 €

    Lymphatic drainage (package with) 10 sessions299 €

    Multi-CryoHacking System Single Application MCS 1x19 €

    Multi-CryoHacking-System (Paket von) 10 Sitzungen159 €

    HBO - Sauerstoffdruckkammer Einzelanwendung139 €

    HBO - Oxygen Pressure Chamber (Package of) 10 sessions1150 €

    HBO - Oxygen Pressure Chamber (Package of) 20 sessions1990 €

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